This video illustrates my PhD thesis in computing. Learn more about my research here.
Today I work as a programmer but I used to be a crazy sound/visual composer.
Check out some of the evidence below.


Visual:: Showreel
Visual:: Stand der Verhandlungen - Legat
Visual:: Carla Bley & Steve Swallow - Duets 2009
Visual:: Engelplage
Visual:: Ohne Fett
Visual:: Dominus Versus Doplus
Interactive:: Garden Gun
Music:: I Sans The Serif
Music:: Tony Go Walkin
Music:: Terraforming Austria
Music:: Elektronik Schmeckt Zitronik
Music:: Nahrhaftes Oder Disziplin
Music For Dance:: Night
Music For Dance:: White In
Installation:: Of Trees And Men
Image:: 2D Pixel Gallery
Links:: To People
Email:: stefankreitmayercom